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Naturally when the red hot Production team Tha Bizness needed talkbox for a new Drake record at Hot Beats Studio Atlanta, GA they contacted the “Talkbox King.” In the lab Drake bobbed his head to my single “Just Do You.” Then, he played me a bunch of bangin’ unreleased cuts and I played him some […]

The Talkbox on the other hand is an instrument you play like a guitar or a keyboard and it adds a richer more authentic element to the words (IMHO) than a simple one dementional robot voice effect. The roots of the talkbox are in the artificial larynx used by patients who couldn’t talk. The first […]

Talkbox vs. Auto-Tune: Part 1 of 3

Posted: 3rd June 2010 by bosko in Uncategorized

Lately the first thing people say when they hear one of my records is “Damn…you freak the auto-tune different than anybody!” My reply is, “I play the talkbox…not Auto-tune!” Then they say,”Ain’t it the same?” then I tell ’em, “Hell naw! Not even close!” As a producer who’s been able to work with some of the biggest names […]