Big Boi feat. Bosko "Ringtone"

Posted: 19th February 2009 by bosko in New Music, Talkbox
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Big Boi & Bosko

Big Boi is back with his new single “Ringtone” featuring yours truly on ElectroSpit (aka “talkbox”) and back ground vocals! I got the call at about 1AM one night from my friend Chris Carmouche, Big Boi’s main engineer at Stankonia in Atlanta. He said “Big wants you to do your magic on this new cut… he thinks it’s gonna be a single!” So of course I arrived on the scene a few minutes later and put down some nasty ElectroSpit tracks to complement the classic Big Boi lyrics…and here we are with Big Boi’s 1st single of 2009!

Bosko rocks the ElectroSpit (talkbox) for Big Boi's "Ringtone"

  1. iamBriannn says:

    Niceee! Man, that’d be cool if u could upload a video to your YouTube one day, of you kickin it in the studio just like that – droppin’ sumthin on the talkbox! :)

  2. bosko says:

    I will definitely upload some video of me playin’ the talkbox soon! I think I have some footage from working on Big Boi’s album….
    Thanks for comments!

  3. Platinumtouch says:

    Hey Bosko you are the truth… but I’m sure you know that :-) Keep up the good work. You KILLED it on Shutterbug and it’s real dope that you are in the video reppin’ the talkbox with your own damn puppet man (you know you made it when you got a puppet with a tube in his mouth son)!! Hey quick question, I notice you use the M-Audio Axiom 25 (obviously with some really nicely constructed patches… I LOVE the growl of your most often used patch). When you started talkboxing were you a Mini-Moog guy, a Yamaha DX guy or something else? To me the the M-Audio Oxygen looks like it has better pitch and modulation locations (up top Yamaha DX location vs the Moog like next to the keys on the bottom left). Of course this all could be that I am a DX-100 guy since way back in the early 90s (sad to say making too much money too soon in another career killed my music dreams but has long term left a mutha chucha unsatisfied and forced to still occasionally throwdown in the office for stress relief :-) so I’m stuck on that up top left pitch bend/mod. Also, why a controller and not just a Microkorg, Moog or even a DX100 (although I’ve got two paperweights of those in my closet so its stressful to even fire one up in an important situation)… Is that decision all about patch creation in whatever you are using the controller to control? Sorry to ramble, I’m just feeling your style and your move making in the biz, wish you the best and curious on some of your choices. Feel free to tell me to “piss off, its trademarked secret”… I’ll still rock your work :-) God bless.

  4. bosko says:

    Thank you for the support! I can see you are serious with the talkbox like me and I love you for that! I plan on talking about more talkbox techniques in the coming weeks here on the blog, but to answer your questions: I started playing talkbox using a ASR-10 patch I created sampling a synth patch off of my JD-990. The ASR had the right monophonic voice mode and the JD had the right sound. I went through a bunch of different set ups since then. I like the MicroKorg and I made a sick patch on there for talkbox, but I’m 6’+ with big hands and those tiny keys don’t let me get down like I need to. A Moog would be great from a sound standpoint, but back in the day I didn’t have the cash and now it’s more of a portability issue. When I’m traveling I like to carry on, cuz the idea of baggage handlers drop kicking my keyboard is not a cool one. The Axiom 25 keyboard has a great feel, small size & weight, and I am already traveling with my laptop, so it’s a great choice for me. I use various soft synths depending on what sound I want, but there are so many great ones out there, going virtual really works. As far as controller positions, I think it’s just about practice. You can get used to either position, and the ASR had a similar position to the Axiom, so I’m just continuing with what I started with…. Thanks for the questions and for reading the blog. Tell a friend, and look out for the Talkbox King album coming soon! (also check out my other blog for more video footage and Bosko music) 100.