Big Boi ft. Bosko Shutterbug Video Shoot Behind the Scenes! pt.1

Hey Fam!

Can I share? I just got back from the “Shutterbug” video shoot in Atlanta! MAAAAN, what an honor… My dude Chris Carmouche(Big Boi’s Exec Producer/Engineer) hit me in the middle of the night to come lace the song a few months back at Stankonia Studios. I knew it was “that one” as soon as I heard it! Scott Storch killed the beat and Big Boi put down some instantly classic lines…Cutty brought the hook vocals and I did my ElectroSpit thang (Talkbox all throughout!) and co-wrote a bridge w/Big. Making the song was epic and to be in Atlanta shooting the video with a member of the biggest rap group of all time…priceless. Here are a few pics. I’ll be posting some video soon!
Big Boi and Bosko
Chris Robinson was directing and he and Big Boi kept it trill with some of the thickest (and finest) birds in the Atl. The shoot was all Digital on the new RED camera so the quality was pristine!
Big Boi & Bad Bird
A pair of super sexy dancers were bustin’ some contortionist routines decked out in TRON suits (like the movie). Another scene had Big in the classic 70’s Cadillac Broham.
Shutterbugg Tron DancersChris Robinson Puppet Master
The main scene I’m in features those puppets that are popular now (like the ones used in the Lebron and Kobe Nike commercials). I don’t want to give to much of the video away before it comes out, but as you can see the video paints a vivid picture of every line on some next level, Avatar special effects type ish!. Optical illusions, camera tricks, and various digital magic made this video one of the sauciest I’ve ever attended…did I mention the video chicks???? I was definitely takin notes! I’m not just sayin this cause I’m in the video, but I’m sure it will win some awards and be one of the best video’s of the year. Bet on it!

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