Bosko – Talkbox King ElectroSpit vol.1

My neighbor used to blast ZAPP “More Bounce” as he took us to school in his primer’d up Impala…

We used to pop lock and break dance to “Do Wah Ditty” at the skatin’ rink…
Always wondered what the hell that tube in Roger’s mouth was on BET….

Fast forward in time…

I got that same tube in my mouth

Live on MTV with Limp Bizkit…
Live on the American Music Awards w/Kanye West…
Winning a Grammy w/Kanye West
Live on Jay Leno w/Big Boi…
Grammy Nominated for Talkbox 2011…

I never imagined all that growin’ up in Portland, Oregon…
But here I am…
Can’t Stop Now!

So without further ado… here’s an example of what a talkbox can do!

May I present to you:

Bosko – Talkbox King
ElectroSpit vol.1

01-What A Talkbox Can Do (Intro).mp3
02-Let Me Tell You Somethin-T.I. feat. Bosko.mp3
03-Machine Gun Funk-Notorious BIG feat. Bosko.mp3
04-Shutterbugg-Big Boi feat. Bosko.mp3
05-Sunshine-Lil Flip feat. Bosko.mp3
06-Workout Plan-Kanye West feat. Bosko.mp3
07-World Wide-Tupac feat. Bosko.mp3
08-Walktadis-D.B.A. feat. Bosko.mp3
09-Crushed-Limp Bizkit feat. Bosko.mp3
10-Enjoy-Tech N9ne feat. Bosko.mp3
11-Slow It Down-Drake feat. Bosko.mp3
12-In Love Again-Young Dro feat. Bosko.mp3
13-May be the One-Al-One feat.Bosko.mp3
14-She’s Mine-Bosko feat. E40 & Cool Nutz.mp3
15-Love In This Club (Usher)-Bosko.mp3
16-Always On My Mind (Acapella)-Bosko.mp3

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Cool Nutz feat. Bosko "Black Music"

Remix Produced by Jake One!

Black Music

Thank you to all those who voted for Cool Nutz feat. Bosko “Black Music” in the Jake One remix contest! We have been chosen as finalists and we await the final outcome! In the mean time, you can hear the song right here! Tell a friend. I just did.

New Static Single produced by Bosko!

“Bus Stop Breezy”

My dude Static was one of the most prolific writers of our time (and one of the most humble). When we first met at my studio in LA I had no idea who he was. Just so I could catch his vibe he handed me a CD titled “10 #1’s…” That’s right, my dude penned more than 10 #1 Billboard hits… wow! Of course you know his latest… Lollipop by Lil Wayne feat. Static Major. It was an honor to produce this record for Static. Please support the new single and spread the word about this man who passed too soon. RIP Static Major