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Uncle Snoop Dogg & E-40 went all the way to Kentucky to team up with K.D. on his new single “Go Ham” produced by Bosko!  Request it ya’ll! DOWNLOAD IT HERE!

Bosko – Talkbox King ElectroSpit vol.1

Posted: 19th January 2011 by bosko in Exclusives, New Music, Talkbox

My neighbor used to blast ZAPP “More Bounce” as he took us to school in his primer’d up Impala… We used to pop lock and break dance to “Do Wah Ditty” at the skatin’ rink… Always wondered what the hell that tube in Roger’s mouth was on BET…. Fast forward in time… I got that […]

Cool Nutz feat. Bosko "Black Music"

Posted: 3rd January 2009 by bosko in Exclusives, New Music
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Remix Produced by Jake One! Thank you to all those who voted for Cool Nutz feat. Bosko “Black Music” in the Jake One remix contest! We have been chosen as finalists and we await the final outcome! In the mean time, you can hear the song right here! Tell a friend. I just did.

New Static Single produced by Bosko!

Posted: 29th May 2008 by bosko in Exclusives
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“Bus Stop Breezy” My dude Static was one of the most prolific writers of our time (and one of the most humble). When we first met at my studio in LA I had no idea who he was. Just so I could catch his vibe he handed me a CD titled “10 #1’s…” That’s right, […]

Love this song…so I had to flip it! I had to dig deep to pull this one off, a lot of late nights! Please tell a friend. — Bosko