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Bosko “Shutterbugg” Grammy Nomination!

Posted: 19th January 2011 by bosko in Talkbox

I just got word that I received an Official Grammy Nomination for “Shutterbugg”! Category 32. Best Rap Song Duo or Group, Big Boi, Bosko, and Mouche. It is definitely an honor.  It’s been great to be a part of this song.  Special shout out to Chris Carmouche for making it all happen! Thank you so much […]

Bosko – Talkbox King ElectroSpit vol.1

Posted: 19th January 2011 by bosko in Exclusives, New Music, Talkbox

My neighbor used to blast ZAPP “More Bounce” as he took us to school in his primer’d up Impala… We used to pop lock and break dance to “Do Wah Ditty” at the skatin’ rink… Always wondered what the hell that tube in Roger’s mouth was on BET…. Fast forward in time… I got that […]

The Talkbox on the other hand is an instrument you play like a guitar or a keyboard and it adds a richer more authentic element to the words (IMHO) than a simple one dementional robot voice effect. The roots of the talkbox are in the artificial larynx used by patients who couldn’t talk. The first […]

Hey Fam! Can I share? I just got back from the “Shutterbug” video shoot in Atlanta! MAAAAN, what an honor… My dude Chris Carmouche(Big Boi’s Exec Producer/Engineer) hit me in the middle of the night to come lace the song a few months back at Stankonia Studios. I knew it was “that one” as soon […]

Big Boi feat. Bosko "Ringtone"

Posted: 19th February 2009 by bosko in New Music, Talkbox
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Big Boi is back with his new single “Ringtone” featuring yours truly on ElectroSpit (aka “talkbox”) and back ground vocals! I got the call at about 1AM one night from my friend Chris Carmouche, Big Boi’s main engineer at Stankonia in Atlanta. He said “Big wants you to do your magic on this new cut… […]

Love this song…so I had to flip it! I had to dig deep to pull this one off, a lot of late nights! Please tell a friend. — Bosko