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Skee-skirt…fast forward to the 80’s Funk Era. The seminal group Zapp featuring Roger Troutman (former Parliment Funkadelic member) created a new sound using the talkbox and the Moog Synthesizer. Five hit albums (including the Mega-Hit “More Bounce to the Ounce”) later, the Zapp/Roger Troutman style talkbox sound remains the standard by which all talkbox artists […]

Naturally when the red hot Production team Tha Bizness needed talkbox for a new Drake record at Hot Beats Studio Atlanta, GA they contacted the “Talkbox King.” In the lab Drake bobbed his head to my single “Just Do You.” Then, he played me a bunch of bangin’ unreleased cuts and I played him some […]

Talkbox vs. Auto-Tune: Part 1 of 3

Posted: 3rd June 2010 by bosko in Uncategorized

Lately the first thing people say when they hear one of my records is “Damn…you freak the auto-tune different than anybody!” My reply is, “I play the talkbox…not Auto-tune!” Then they say,”Ain’t it the same?” then I tell ’em, “Hell naw! Not even close!” As a producer who’s been able to work with some of the biggest names […]

The MOTU BPM virtual drum machine The MPC is back! ….kind of. One of the most striking things about all the new gear announced at NAMM this year is the focus on virtual drum machines both with and without real hardware control. Native Instruments the Maschine, MOTU’s BPM, and OpenLabs Bump MP update, all have […]

Without further ado: High Quality No-DRM MP3 Digital Download: $5.99 Special Price including Artwork! I appreciate your support! Please visit for more info, more music, and to join The Good Life Movement. We need you. Bosko

Two Turntables?

Posted: 1st December 2008 by bosko in Uncategorized
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Hip-hop purists might turn up their noses at this…but there was a time when DJ’s could be banned from the booth for “scratching the record”. The future…it’s coming whether we’re ready or not. This dude is sick wid it on the Monome!! Gotta get me one. dj64 for Monome – by Bitbasic from simon on […]

100 music sites

Posted: 7th July 2008 by bosko in Uncategorized

Here’s a list of 100 of the best music sites from our buddies at Check it… If you can’t find somethin’ to listen to…you’re just not lookin’!