Talkbox vs. Auto-Tune (part 3): Modern Talkbox-ers

Roger TroutmanSkee-skirt…fast forward to the 80’s Funk Era. The seminal group Zapp featuring Roger Troutman (former Parliment Funkadelic member) created a new sound using the talkbox and the Moog Synthesizer. Five hit albums (including the Mega-Hit “More Bounce to the Ounce”) later, the Zapp/Roger Troutman style talkbox sound remains the standard by which all talkbox artists are judged! Countless Hip-Hop Records sampled Roger and “More Bounce” in particular. The song “California Love” featuring Tupac and Roger on talkbox stands as one of the biggest rap records of all time by perhaps the biggest rap artist of all time. So throw up ya W’s on that one. West siyeeeeeed!

There’s a short list of notable “talkbox artists” who picked up the torch in the nineties including Teddy Riley (Guy 1990), Devante Swing (Jodeci 1993), Dj Quik (“Safe & Sound” 1995), Battle Cat 1995, and yours truly Bosko (E40’s “Sprinkle Me Remix” 1995).

teddy riley on talkbox
Teddy Riley

dj quik safe and sound cover

Bosko Talkbox

DJ Fingazz “Cali in the Summertime”2004. T-Pain and the Auto-Tune effect dominated 2006 to 2009, but has become over saturated , creating movement back to the talkbox sound. The most notable release in 2010 utilizing the talkbox is Big Boi (OutKast) feat. Bosko “Shutterbugg”.

Big Boi (OutKast) feat. Bosko “Shutterbugg”

I’m putting together the best of my talk box hits for your inspiration and listening pleasure Bosko  Talkbox King album coming soon….

Bosko Talkbox King vol.1

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  1. I’m so glad you mentioned my boy DeVante Swing.
    Everything he touched musically was straight FIRE!!
    Also, glad to hear ur doing a whole Talkbox album.

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